Blowin’ in the Wind: Simulate Tree Movement #7
Chapter 1, Visual Effects
Final Thoughts
Although there’s one or two bits of hacky code going on here, the real hack
is the way of thinking. Copying from nature or whatever is around you is a
time-tested way to get new inputs and insights into your Flash design.
One of the cool things about Flash that allows this form of exploration is
that Flash is a graphic programming environment. You can create the code
and get immediate graphical feedback. If you make more than one tree,
experiment to see whether applying the same wind to all trees makes for a
more realistic effect. I suspect a slight variation among trees would look
more realistic, especially if the wind is coming from a direction where it
would be blocked by other trees.
My personal muse is not nature but video games. I believe that all problems
faced by motion graphics designers have already been faced and overcome
by a video game production team, but that, as they say, is a different story.

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