Saving the position for next time

In a virtual world that has a big map, we need to save the current position of the avatar so that we can resume the position next time when we log in again. We can access the database by using server-side extension.

Creating an avatar database table

There are several ways to perform the MySQL tasks. One easy way is to use the PhpMyAdmin, which is a web-based MySQL admin panel provided by the web server bundles.

Windows users can launch the PhpMyAdmin from the taskbar Wamp2 | phpMyAdmin.

For Mac OSX:

  1. Launch MAMP.
  2. Go to http://localhost/MAMP in the web browser.
  3. Click on the PhpMyAdmin link.

Linux users can go to http://localhost/path_to_phpMyAdmin in the web browser.

It is optional to create a database before creating ...

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