Appendix D. Digital Video Basics


  • An overview of videotape formats

  • Video production tips

  • File formats for digital video

As you begin to create more complex Flash presentations that include digital video, you need to know how to achieve the highest-quality image and playback. In this appendix, you learn how to prepare a digital video file for use in a Flash CS5 document.


After you have successfully created a digital video file, you can learn how to import and use digital video files within a Flash CS5 document by reading Chapter 14, "Displaying Video."

Before you consider importing digital video footage into Flash CS5 or exporting your video with Adobe Media Encoder CS5, you need to plan how the video will be used within the Flash movie (or Web site). Will you be using several video clips for product demonstrations, interviews, or prerecorded events? Will you be using video for special effects such as a time-lapse effect of moving clouds or the sun setting? The more footage you plan to use, the more important it is to make sure that you're acquiring the footage properly — you wouldn't want to redo all your footage after you've seen the results in the Flash movie! This appendix provides tips for making sure that you have the best possible video quality for your Flash presentations.

Garbage In, Garbage Out: Controlling Video Quality

You may have heard this phrase before, which means that you can't get something from nothing. Ever tried making a soup with bad ingredients, ...

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