Chapter 21. Creating Adobe AIR Applications Using Flash CS5


  • Understanding Adobe AIR

  • Creating a Simple AIR Application

  • Understanding AIR-specific APIs

  • Setting Native Operating System Icons

  • Publishing an AIR app

  • Distributing an AIR app

Adobe AIR allows you to publish Flash applications as native desktop applications on Windows or Mac. This means you can use the skills you have learned in Flash to create applications that install and run just like any other native applications on your operating system. In this chapter, you will learn how to create AIR applications and distribute them through a variety of means.

Understanding Adobe AIR

Adobe Integrated Runtime, AIR, is a growing platform that allows developers to deploy Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) created using HTML, JavaScript, and/or ActionScript to the desktop. Applications currently seen through Web browsers can also be deployed as native applications for Windows or Mac, without having to modify any code. Using Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash Builder, and Flash Professional, applications created for the Web can be published as AIR applications after a few minor adjustments.

Learning security differences between standard Flash Player and AIR

AIR applications are desktop applications and require a security model different from what is used on the Web. People who install desktop applications give the apps a degree of trust that is not commonly given to applications deployed through a Web browser. For example, desktop applications ...

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