Chapter 22. Using Flash to Create iPhone Applications


  • Understanding how Flash on iPhone works

  • Differences between Flash for Web and Flash for iPhone

  • Preparing your device to run your Flash iPhone apps

  • Joining the iPhone developer program

  • Creating a Flash iPhone application

  • Installing your Flash iPhone application to your iPhone

Perhaps the most exciting addition to Flash CS5 Professional is the ability to create iPhone applications that can be used on your iPhone. Given the popularity of both iPhone and Flash, the marriage of the two technologies is exciting, because you can now leverage the graphical, animation, and interactivity tools you're already familiar with in Flash to create native iPhone applications without having to learn the complex code normally required to do so.

Throughout this chapter, I explore using Flash to develop iPhone applications, including an explanation of how the technology works, as well as how to get Flash applications on your iPhone for testing.


Recent statements from Apple appear to indicate that Apple will reject apps submitted to the app store that were developed with Flash. This news was received sadly by the Adobe community. Adobe will still be including the Export to iPhone feature in Flash Professional CS5, so I am going to discuss its use. But please be aware that apps built with this feature may not make it onto the app store under Apple's new policy.


This chapter discusses many details of programming in ActionScript 3.0. ...

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