Chapter 1. Touring Flip Models and Features

In This Chapter

  • Considering the big Flippin' picture

  • Getting acquainted with current Flip features and specs

  • Taking a closer look at the SlideHD

  • Designing your own custom SlideHD or MinoHD

  • Installing FlipShare on your Mac or Windows PC

Got a new Flip (or an older model) and want to find out what it can do so you can put it to good use? Or perhaps you're thinking about buying a new Flip, but you're not sure which model to choose?

Either way, you've come to the right place to get up to speed about what you can do with the Flip camcorder you already own — or the one you're thinking about purchasing.

From getting your head around the bigger picture of what Flips are all about, to wrapping your hand around individual models and figuring out which buttons do what and what features you can use, this chapter marks the best place to begin your journey into the world of Flip camcorders.

Touring Flip Models and Features

Flipping Over Flip Video

Here a Flip, there a Flip, everywhere a flippin' Flip. Or that's how it seemed to me when my editor asked whether I wanted to write this book. When I said yes, I was suddenly seeing Flip camcorders everywhere. From the local news replaying winter storm footage captured by ordinary Joes to American Idol contestants hamming it up on those excursions they take between episodes, everywhere I looked, people were Flipping.

So what makes the Flip so ubiquitous ...

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