Chapter 2. Adjusting Flip Settings

In This Chapter

  • Accessing Flip settings options

  • Choosing your language, and setting the date and time

  • Turning on the Flip recording light and sound tones

  • Activating the Flip Delete Lock option

Making electronic devices work exactly how you want them to work can be a tedious and aggravating task. You might have to sort through many menus and fiddle with many settings — and even then, you might not achieve the results you want. To adjust the settings on simpler high-tech gizmos — like your Flip camcorder — is an easy task, though. In a matter of seconds, you can access and change the Flip's settings and then be on your merry way to record video or take a run on the beach (or both).

Adjusting Flip Settings

In this chapter, I describe the Flip camcorder settings options and show you how to access and adjust them. I also show you how to turn on (or off) a setting to help prevent you from accidentally deleting videos you capture.

Getting Acquainted with Flip Settings

Your Flip camcorder has only a handful of settings that you can change when you access the settings setup feature — simply press and hold the Record button when you turn on your Flip. These settings include

  • Set Language: Choose the language Flip uses to present textual information on the display.

  • Set Date: Set the month, day, and year so that videos you record and copy to your computer are automatically organized into folders ...

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