Chapter 4. Recording and Viewing Videos

In This Chapter

  • Recording videos

  • Capturing your best shots

  • Viewing and deleting videos

  • Watching videos on your TV or PC monitor

Recording videos with your Flip camera is as easy as pressing the big red Record button in the middle to start recording, and then pressing it again to stop. Watching videos that you record on your Flip is merely a matter of pressing the Play button to begin watching, and then pressing it again to pause. Don't like what you see? Press the Delete button to delete the video you're watching.

Doesn't get much easier than this. So why, you might wonder, an entire chapter dedicated to recording and viewing videos with your Flip? There's more than one way to answer that question. Like, did you know that if you hold the Play button on most Flip models, you can watch all your videos one after the other? Or that the video you're watching won't disappear if you accidentally press the Record button while you're watching your video?

Recording and Viewing Videos

In this chapter, I show you the obvious stuff, like how to record and watch videos with your Flip camera as well as how to delete videos you don't want to keep so you can free up space to capture more videos. I also give you tips that can help you capture the best-looking (and sounding) videos you can, and I show you how you can connect your Flip camera to a television so you can play your videos to a crowd ...

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