Chapter 8. Creating Video E-Mails, Greeting Cards, and DVDs

Your Flip is great for capturing special moments like your best friend walking into the room when everyone screams, "Surprise!" Capturing and then watching videos on your Flip is entertaining, but crowding a bunch of friends around your Flip's tiny screen isn't fun. Fortunately, you can easily share your movies by sending your creations (or pictures you capture from your videos) to others as e-mails or greeting cards. You can also burn your movie and picture slideshow creations to a DVD. In this chapter, I show you how you can do all of these things using the FlipShare program — and, when it comes to burning DVDs, other programs as well.

In This Chapter


In this chapter, I make the assumption that you know how to launch the FlipShare program; that you've already copied video files from your Flip camera to your computer; and that you know how to browse, view, organize, and work with those video files. I also assume you know how to create a movie, capture individual picture snapshots from your video clips, and create photo slideshows. If you plan to share your creations as e-mails or greeting cards, I also assume you already have an e-mail address because you'll need to enter it when you use FlipShare ...

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