Fluent Conference 2012: JavaScript & Beyond Video Compilation

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Explore the changing worlds of JavaScript, HTML5, and beyond

JavaScript is everywhere: from websites and mobile apps to desktop apps, games, databases, and new cloud technologies. People who attended O’Reilly’s recent Fluent Conference explored every permutation of this powerful, full-stack programming language—and now you can tune into every workshop, session, and keynote with this complete video compilation.

Learn the latest from Steve Souders (Google), Brendan Eich (Mozilla), Nicole Sullivan (Stubbornella), and dozens more in the field through six different tracks: JavaScript in the Browser, Node.js, Mobile Platforms, Ancillary Technologies, Gaming, and Pure Languages. You’ll also learn about several new real-world production environments and stack configurations from Just.Me, SoundCloud, Cloud9, ordr.in, PubNub, and more.

Download these videos or view them through our HD player. You’ll quickly make sense of this vast JavaScript explosion and learn new skills you can apply immediately.

Here are just a few of the sessions you’ll receive in this video package:

JavaScript in the Browser

  • Bootstrap.js (Jacob Thornton, Twitter)
  • Maintainable JavaScript (Nicholas Zakas, WellFurnished)


  • Functional programming with Streams in Node.js (Adam Crabtree, webOS Enyo Framework Team)
  • Bridging the client-side/server-side divide (Sean McBride, Adobe Typekit)

Mobile Platforms

  • Hybrid Web-Mobile Applications with PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile (Ryan Stewart, Adobe Systems)
  • Breaking HTML5 limits on mobile JavaScript (Maximiliano Firtman, ITMaster Professional Training)

Ancillary Technologies

  • 10 Things You Didn't Know HTML5 Could Do! (Eric Bidelman, Google)
  • CSS3 Animation: Making it Snow (Estelle Weyl, Standardista.com)


  • The State of HTML5 Games (Rob Hawkes, Mozilla)
  • Building a Browser-based Game with a Modern Graphics Engine (Charlie Key, Paranoid Ferret Productions)

Pure Languages

  • Jasmine: An Introduction (Davis W. Frank, Pivotal Labs)
  • The Promised Land: Untangling Async Spaghetti Code (Trevor Burnham, Pragmatic Programmers)

Table of contents

  1. Fluent Conference: Day 1
    1. WebGL Up and Running - Part 1 - Tony Parisi
    2. WebGL Up and Running - Part 2 - Tony Parisi
    3. WebGL Up and Running - Part 3 - Tony Parisi
    4. WebGL Up and Running - Part 4 - Tony Parisi
    5. The Impact and Risk of HTML5 on Your Bottom Line - Mike Hostetler
    6. We've Got a Website for That - Andrew Betts
    7. The Ups and Downs of Investing in JavaScript - Keith Fahlgren
    8. The Cloud Is Just The Start: Why JavaScript-based Serverless Apps Are The Future - Dan Yoder
    9. A Smooth Transition to HTML5 Using MVVM - Chris Bannon
    10. Adobe, HTML and JavaScript - Brian Rinaldi
    11. Learning is a Conversation - Jonathan Sharp
    12. HTML5 And The Business Of Mobile - Burke Holland
    13. Using HTML5, amplifyJs and jQuery to Visualize Telecom Systems in Half the Production Time - Darren Schreiber
    14. Batteries included: Advantages of an End-to-end JavaScript Stack - Juergen Fesslmeier
    15. JavaScript Jumble - Peter Cooper
    16. A Sip of CoffeeScript - Part 1 - Gregg Pollack
    17. A Sip of CoffeeScript - Part 2 - Gregg Pollack
    18. Breaking HTML5 limits on mobile JavaScript - Part 1 - Maximiliano Firtman
    19. Breaking HTML5 limits on mobile JavaScript - Part 2 - Maximiliano Firtman
    20. Breaking HTML5 limits on mobile JavaScript - Part 3 - Maximiliano Firtman
    21. Canvas Boot Camp Part 1 - Gerred Dillon
    22. Canvas Boot Camp Part 2 - Gerred Dillon
    23. Backbone.js: Basics and Beyond - Part 1 - Sarah Mei
    24. Backbone.js: Basics and Beyond - Part 2 - Sarah Mei
    25. Backbone.js: Basics and Beyond - Part 3 - Sarah Mei
    26. Backbone.js: Basics and Beyond - Part 4 - Sarah Mei
  2. Fluent Conference: Day 2
    1. JavaScript at 17 - Brendan Eich (Keynote)
    2. wtf.js: JavaScript as a First Language - Ryan Bubinski (Keynote)
    3. Enyo: A Truly Cross-platform JavaScript App Framework - Enda McGrath
    4. Don't Feed The Trolls - Nicole Sullivan (Keynote)
    5. Federated Wiki Mashes Data in Your Browser - Ward Cunningham (Keynote)
    6. Creating the Internet of Things with JavaScript - Tom Hughes-Croucher (Keynote)
    7. Your Script Just Killed My Site - Steve Souders (Keynote)
    8. The Dog in the Night-Time - Tim O'Reilly (Keynote)
    9. Bridging the Client-side/Server-side Divide - Sean McBride
    10. Mobilize Javascript HTML5 games to iOS Android using CocoonJS - Ibon Tolosana
    11. Q and A with Brendan Eich - Brendan Eich
    12. The Trello Stack - Brett Kiefer
    13. 10 Things You Didn't Know HTML5 Could Do! - Eric Bidelman
    14. Just.Me's Stack - Kevin Nilson and Julian Wong
    15. SoundCloud's Stack - Nick Fisher
    16. The State of HTML5 Games - Rob Hawkes
    17. Mobile Development Without The Pain - Anthony Decena
    18. High Performance Snippets - Steve Souders
    19. Browsers: Chrome - Chris Wilson
    20. Functional programming with Streams in Node.js - Adam Crabtree
    21. Startup Showcase - PicPlum
    22. Startup Showcase - StackMob
    23. Startup Showcase - kanban2go
    24. CSS3 Animation: Making it Snow - Estelle Weyl
    25. A Deeper Look at the Enyo JavaScript Framework - Ben Combee
    26. Bootstrap.js - Jacob Thornton
    27. Cloud9's Stack - Sergi Mansilla
    28. Jasmine: An Introduction - Davis W. Frank
    29. Ordr.in's Stack in the Stack Track - Felix Sheng
    30. PicPlum Stack - Akshay Dodeja
    31. What Modernizr Teaches Us About Design and Development - Faruk Ates
    32. Building Mobile HTML5 Apps in Hours, Not Days - Aditya Bansod
    33. /Reg(exp){2}lained/: Demystifying Regular Expressions - Lea Verou
    34. Browsers: IE and Dolphin - Andrew Miadowicz and Ryan Krems
    35. Derby: The full-stack JavaScript framework for next generation web apps - Nate Smith and Brian Noguchi
    36. Eight Simple Rules for Running Your JavaScript on My Page - Kent Brewster
    37. HTML5, Flash and the Battle for Faster Cat Videos - Greg Schechter and Phil Harnish
    38. PubNub's Stack - Stephen Blum
    39. Mobile Device APIs for Fun and Profit - James Pearce
    40. Asana Stack - Kris Rasmussen
    41. Colingo's Stack - Benjamin Lowenstein
    42. Meteor: A New Way to Build Apps - Matt DeBergalis
    43. Realtime Web Applications in the Wild - Phil Leggetter
    44. Browsers: Firefox and Opera - Rob Hawkes and Luz Caballero
    45. Maintainable JavaScript - Nicholas Zakas
  3. Fluent Conference: Day 3
    1. Javascript Development Workflow of 2013 - Paul Irish
    2. Improving JavaScript - Axel Rauschmayer (Keynote)
    3. Bookmarklets as Applications - Gary Flake
    4. Turning to the Client Side - Lea Verou (Keynote)
    5. Web vs. Apps - Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer (Keynote)
    6. FooLang.js - Amjad Masad
    7. SpineJS - Moving State to the Client - Alex MacCaw
    8. Structured Web Programming With Dart - Seth Ladd
    9. My Adventures In HTML5 Game Development - Jesse Freeman
    10. Sharing Code Between Client and Server with Node.js - Chris Powers
    11. How We Learnt To Stop Worrying And Love The Browser - Dan Webb and Angus Croll
    12. Caffeinated Rhythms: Playing Drums With CoffeeScript - Giles Bowkett
    13. Fake operator overloading - Axel Rauschmayer
    14. The Promised Land: Untangling Async Spaghetti Code - Trevor Burnham
    15. How to Deploy a Node.js App to Production (And Not Get Fired) - Sean Hess
    16. Rendering Screenshots on the Web with JavaScript - Elliott Sprehn
    17. Hybrid Web-Mobile Applications with PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile - Ryan Stewart
    18. JavaScript Parser Infrastructure for Code Quality Analysis - Ariya Hidayat
    19. You don't need a Framework for that! - Estelle Weyl
    20. Introducing Strata: A Modular, Streaming HTTP Server for node.js - Michael Jackson
    21. Make Your Game Multiplayer - Andrew Lee
    22. Beautifully Interactive Maps in the Browser - Sha Hwang
    23. Build Your own GMail Browser Extension - Sara Chipps
    24. JS + HTML5 Video + Canvas = WOAH! - Wes Bos
    25. Node.js in Production: Postmortem Debugging and Performance Analysis - David Pacheco
    26. Building a Browser-based Game With a Modern Graphics Engine - Charlie Key
    27. Ember.js: An MVC framework for ambitious web applications - Bruce Williams
    28. Building an HTML5 Video Player - Steve Heffernan
    29. How WebKit Renders the Web - Levi Weintraub
    30. Introduction to ClojureScript - Luke VanderHart

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