Chapter 7

Interacting with the User


check Collecting responses from the user

check Responding to input

check Dealing with null values

check Advice on love and marriage

Love is in the air! The sun is shining. The birds are singing. My heart is all a-Flutter. (Pun intended.)

Doris D. Developer wants to find a mate, and she has two important criteria. First, she wants someone who’s 18 or older. Second, she’s looking for someone who loves developing Flutter apps. What better way for Doris to achieve her goal than for her to write her own dating app?

This chapter covers Doris’s outstanding work. To create the app, Doris uses several kinds of widgets: a text field, a slider, a dropdown button, and some others. A widget of this kind — one that the user sees and interacts with — is called a control element, or simply a control.

Doris’s app also has some layout widgets, such as Center, Row, and Column, but these layout widgets aren’t called controls. The user doesn’t really see them, and certainly doesn’t interact with them. This chapter’s emphasis is on the controls, not on the layout widgets ...

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