IA: International Alphabet.

IAB: Internet Architecture Board or Internet Activities Board.

IA5: International Alphabet No. 5.

IANA: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

IA2: International Alphabet No. 2.

I band: The frequency band between 8 GHz and 10 GHz.

IBC: Integrated Broadband Communications.

ICA: International Communications Association.

ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organisation.

ICI: Incoming Call Identification.

ICMP: Internet Control Message Protocol.

icon: A picture or pictorial representation of an object, task or concept. This can usually be selected from a computer screen to start a programme.

IDA: Integrated Digital Access.

IDC: Insulation Displacement Connector.

IDCT: Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform.

IDDD: International ...

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