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Focus On Photoshop Elements

Book Description

Are you bewildered by the advanced editing options available in Photoshop Elements? Do you want to get the most out of your image without going bleary-eyed in front of a computer screen?

This handy guide will explain the ins and outs of using Photoshop Elements, without having to spend hours staring at the screen. Using a fabulous combination of easy-to-follow advice and step-by-step instructions, Focus On Photoshop Elements gives great advice on setting up, storing and sharing your image library and teaches you the basics of RAW image processing and color correction, plus shows you how to edit and retouch your images for stunning results. These simple tweaks and adjustments will take your images from so-so to amazing - and fast!

Packed with inspiring photographs, this guide focuses on your needs as a photographer and nothing else.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Halftitle
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. About the Author
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
  9. Contents
  10. 1. Introducing the Organizer
    1. The Organizer workspace
    2. Importing your images from a camera or card reader
    3. The Advanced Photo Downloader dialog
    4. Basic photo management
    5. Importing from other sources
  11. 2. Tagging, Sorting, and Searching
    1. The purpose of categories and tags
    2. Creating and using a tagging structure
    3. Filtering and searching your catalog
    4. Searching the catalog
    5. Creating albums
    6. Album categories
    7. Creating Smart Albums
  12. 3. Working with the Editor
    1. Opening images in the Editor
    2. The Editor’s workspace modes
    3. Initial checking and correction
    4. Checking the sharpness
    5. Straightening crooked photos
    6. Straightening verticals
    7. Advanced distortion correction
    8. Cropping your image
    9. Tone and color correction
    10. Auto adjustments
    11. Manual corrections
    12. Exposure correction
    13. Fixing underexposure
    14. Fixing overexposure
    15. The Levels command
    16. Levels adjustments
    17. Adjusting highlights and shadows
    18. Color correction
    19. Color variations
    20. Hue/Saturation
    21. Black and white adjustment
    22. Adjustment layers
    23. Removing blemishes and other distractions
    24. The Spot Healing Brush tool
    25. The Clone Stamp tool
    26. Fixing red eye
    27. Noise reduction
    28. Sharpening the image
    29. High Pass sharpening
  13. 4. Working with RAW Images
    1. The Adobe Camera RAW interface
    2. Is the image sharp enough?
    3. Straightening crooked photos
    4. Cropping your image
    5. Removing red eye
    6. Simple lighting and color correction
    7. Manually adjusting images
    8. Creating a custom camera profile
    9. Processing multiple images
    10. Saving your changes
  14. 5. Printing, Sharing, and Storing
    1. Color management for printing
    2. Color spaces
    3. The color-managed printing workflow
    4. Printing multiple photos, picture packages, and contact sheets
    5. Printing multiple images
    6. Creating picture packages
    7. Creating a contact sheet
    8. Using online print services
    9. Backing up your photos
    10. Adding to the backup
    11. Restoring from backup
    12. Alternate backup solutions
    13. Some final technical information
  15. Index