Chapter 22

Metrics and Analysis Tools

“He cannot but with measure fit the honours which we devise him.”


As you progress on Twitter, you’ll want to see measurable exposure results for your personal brand, its reception in the Twitterverse, and look at aspects of your following to determine their value in the grand scheme of things. Twitter metrics can help you evaluate you social standing on Twitter and the effectiveness of your personal-brand show.

There are several tools to help you get this data, some free and others for a monthly or annual fee. All are well worth exploring and will provide you a wider view of how Twitter is benefitting brand “you.”

Every Toolkit Needs a Good Measure

Understanding your social metrics means finding what I like to call your elite social drivers. These drivers are the most valuable traffic-driving sources across your social media platforms; in essence, your A-listers! The tools in this chapter provide everything you need to assess your performance, to establish what elements of your Twitter use need a little more oomph, and which ones deserve a round of applause.

Sprout Social

Tools such as Sprout Social track your social media activity and break it down through various analysis algorithms to provide all the necessary analytics to keep on top of your personal brand promotion.

This powerful tool emphasizes the four components of social ...

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