7AUDIO CUES: Branding Objective: Develop Instant Recognition



Product sound design

Heuristic engineering

Sonic signatures



Audio branding

Diffused sonic cues

Behavioral triggers

Adidas   Image of the Adidas brand icon.

Barry's Bootcamp   Image of the Barry’s Bootcamp brand icon.

Corona   Image of the Corona brand icon.

Harley Davidson   Image of the Harley Davidson brand icon.

Intel   Image of the Intel brand icon.

Y7 Studio   Image of the Y7 Studio brand icon.

Netflix's sonic signature, which opens every piece of its content, might be as popular among millennials and Gen Z as Intel's iconic chimes are to Gen X and boomers. With consistent, industry-beating annual growth over the past 20 years, Netflix has offered investors a blockbuster success in streaming to every screen. But what happens when consumers can't see a screen? Imagine that Sandra Bullock in her role in Netflix's record-shattering Bird Box thriller represents your consumers: forced to navigate the world blindfolded and reliant upon audio only. With all of your ...

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