Fighting Resistance

As a sales professional you must learn to fight through the imposing barrier called Resistance. You must have a solid mental strategy to defeat this enemy.


It’s time to make some follow-up calls. Let’s see, what else is it time to do?

•   Fill out your commission report.

•   Catch up on emails.

•   Check social media. (Bound to find some leads there, right?)

•   Check Google News to see which country invaded which other country.

•   Watch an inspirational video on YouTube (to get pumped up for your follow-up calls, of course).

•   Watch a Fail Blog video on YouTube. (Hey, you were already there, so why not?)

•   Floss your teeth.

•   Check social media again.

•   Retweet a hilarious Reddit.com post.

•   Stare ...

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