11.2. The Vox/ATypI Classification of Typefaces

Let us review the Vox classification, which we described throughout our history of typefaces. Vox distinguised nine categories of typefaces:

Figure 11-4. The schematic classification of Maximilien Vox, according to [342]. We have set each name in the typeface in question.

Humanistic faces, which hark back to the typeface of Nicolas Jen-son and its derivatives: Golden Type, by William Morris; Eusebius, by Ernst Detterer. They are inspired either by the original Jenson or by Morris. Humanistic faces can be easily recognized thanks to the slanted cross stroke of the 'e', a sign of their gothic origins. The ascenders bear steeply sloping serifs.

The garaldes, engendered by the first two typefaces of Aldus Manutius, range from the faces of Garamond and Granjon to those of Kis and Caslon. Two of their hallmarks: the 'e' no longer has a slanted cross stroke but has a rather small counter, and the axis of the 'o' and the other round letters is tilted towards the left.

The transitional typefaces—transitional between the garaldes and the didones—actually cover a much broader range. The term transitional applies to those typefaces that are ...

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