Note: Page number followed by f indicate figures.


African elephant

vs. Asian elephant, 96f

box-like structure, trunk, 102f

Ethiopian flag, 181f

fore and rear limbs, 97f

line, form, and shape, 182f

Alaskan brown bear

body features, 33f

fishing image, 32f

Kodiaks, 33f

large dish-like head top, 32f

weight, 1500 pounds, 33f

Animal features

brachiating, 4f

digitigrades, 12f (see also Digitigrades animal)

flexibility and form, 7f

folding chair concept, 19f

fore/rear limbs, 18f

forward movement, 14f

front and rear limb, 15f

lead foot, 17f

lung size, 11f

multiple moments/drawings, 20f

plantigrades, 12f (see also Plantigrades)

scapula/shoulder blade, 10f

spring-like quality, 18f

unguligrade, 12f

Animal FORCE shape

clydesdales, 130f

horse drawing, ...

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