Chapter 12

Ouch! That Hurts: Traumatic Injuries and Deaths


Bullet Looking at gunshot wounds

Bullet Deciphering wounds made by cutting instruments

Bullet Understanding the ravages of blunt-force trauma

Bullet Plugging into injuries caused by electricity

Bullet Investigating rape

How is a bite like a gunshot wound? For that matter, what do walking into a door, cutting your finger, and being struck by lightning have in common? Each of these injuries is classified as trauma, which is a catchall term for just about anything that hurts or leaves a mark. Bumps and bruises resulting from your own klutziness and slipping on a banana peel rarely result in a criminal investigation. Crimes that result in trauma — physical and sexual abuse, murder, assaults, or even car crashes, for example — often do, and they can leave a wealth of information for investigators.

Unleashing the Power of Guns and Gun Evidence

Most people have seen guns only on TV or in movies. This artificial reference point gives no indication ...

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