‘If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.’


Writing this book has only been possible because of the generosity of the hundreds of people we have worked with and interviewed over the past ten years, and most particularly over the past 18 months.

These extraordinary people have shared their time, their wisdom, their opinions and even criticisms and objections. All of this has helped this become a better book than it might have otherwise been.

To all of you, we say: Thank you. We are forever grateful.

A special thanks is also owed to a handful of people who went way above and beyond in helping us test our theories, ideas and thinking across different industries and countries, allowing us to pressure test the content of this book and ensure that it would resonate universally.

You have our deepest appreciation:

Dr Adam Fraser, human performance researcher, author, educator and consultant, Sydney, Australia

Adam Voigt, education expert, Melbourne, Australia

Alan Brodie, Alan Brodie Representation, London, England

Andrew Morello, Head of Business Development Yellow Brick Road, Sydney, Australia

Anouk Lagae, Duvel, Brussels, Belgium

Sir Antony Jay, writer, CVO, CBE, England

Bradley Trevor Greive, best-selling author of The Blue Day Book, Los Angeles, US

Brett King, Moven, New York, US

Bronnie Ware, author of The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, Sydney, Australia

Chip Bell, Customer Loyalty Authority, Greensboro, US

Chris ...

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