Chapter 14. Raghee Recommends

The Internet is a big place, and finding the sites that will not distract you is a constant challenge. I am going to list some of my favorite sites in no particular order and tell you why and when I use them. Mobile trading is all about the equipment that will let you escape the office and the sites that will keep you from being out of touch.

This works into my mobile lifestyle because I feel like a self-contained unit when I have my MacBook and an Internet connection. Now let me add that if you are going to run out and get a netbook, I caution you because they are good for little more than e-mails and surfing. If you are going to run out and get a MacBook, remember that trader-friendly software is far and few between. You will need to get software like VM Fusion to run Windows and your charting platform. I try to get my trading entries in the market in the morning when I am at my home office and then I am free to head out and manage positions with my MacBook and iPhone on the road. I'm not trying to encourage anyone to trade from a Mac as much as I love mine. I'll be candid, I got a MacBook because I bought one as a gift for one of my best friends and loved it so much that I purchased one for myself as well. You're better off (as of now) on Windows. My home office desktop is a Dell XPS, which runs Vista on four vertical-set monitors.

The sites that I have access to, they make a huge impact on my gauge of the market. The first site I visit each morning ...

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