Appendix 7Coq Codes

A7.1. Some basic ontology and subtyping declarations

Definition CN:= Set.
Parameters Mary Helen: Woman.
Parameters John George: Man.
(** Common Nouns as Types *)
Parameters Phy Info Institution Woman Delegate : CN.Parameters Man Object Surgeon Animal Human: CN.
(** Subtyping relations **)
Axiom sw: Surgeon -> Human. Coercion sw: Surgeon >-> Human. Axiom dh: Delegate -> Human. Coercion dh: Delegate >-> Human. Axiom mh: Man -> Human. Coercion mh: Man >-> Human.
Axiom wh: Woman -> Human. Coercion wh: Woman >-> Human.
Axiom ha: Human -> Animal. Coercion ha: Human>-> Animal.
Axiom ao: Animal -> Object. Coercion ao: Animal>-> Object.
Axiom bi: Bank -> Institution. Coercion bi: Bank >-> Institution.
(** Some quantifiers *)
Definition some:=   fun A: CN=> fun P :A -> Prop=> exists x: A, P(x).
Definition all:=   fun A: CN=> fun P: A -> Prop=> forall x: A, P(x).
Definition no:=   fun A: CN=> fun P: A->Prop=> forall x: A, not(P(x)).

A7.2. Simple homonymy by overloading in coercive subtyping

(* Simple Homonymy by Overloading in Coercive Subtyping *) Set Implicit Arguments.
(* Unit type for "run" -- Onerun *)
Inductive Onerun: Set:= run.
Definition T1:= Human -> Prop.
Definition T2:= Human -> Institution -> Prop.
Parameter run1: T1. Parameter run2: T2.
Definition r1 (r: Onerun): T1:= run1. Coercion r1: Onerun >-> T1. Definition r2 (r: Onerun): T2:= run2. Coercion r2: Onerun >-> T2.
(*John runs quickly*)
Parameter quickly: forall (A: CN), (A -> Prop) -> (A -> Prop). ...

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