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Forrest Mims' Science Experiments

Book Description

Forrest M. Mims is a revered contributor to Make: magazine, where his popular columns about science-related topics and projects for Makers are evergreen treasures. Collected together here for the first time, these columns range from such simple projects as building an LED tracker for hand-launched night rockets to such challenging builds as an ultra-sensitive twilight photometer that measures the elevation of layers of dust, smoke, and smog from around 3,000 feet to the top of the stratosphere at 31 miles!

Table of Contents

  1. Titlepage
  2. Copyright
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Preface: Becoming an Amateur Scientist
  6. Chapter 1: How to Study Tree Rings
  7. Chapter 2: Snow Science
  8. Chapter 3: Tracking Heat Islands
  9. Chapter 4: Vibration Sensors
  10. Chapter 5: Make an Experimental Optical Fiber Seismometer
  11. Chapter 6: Ultra-Simple Sunshine Recorders
  12. Chapter 7: The Infrared Thermometer: An Essential Science Gadget
  13. Chapter 8: Capturing and Studying Airborne Dust, Smoke, and Spores
  14. Chapter 9: Track the Leading Greenhouse Gas
  15. Chapter 10: Build a Twilight Photometer, part 1
  16. Chapter 11: Build a Twilight Photometer, part 2
  17. Chapter 12: How to Analyze Scientific Images
  18. Chapter 13: Doing Science with a Digital Scanner
  19. Chapter 14: Data Mining: How to Analyze Online Scientific Data
  20. Chapter 15: Using Sensors with Dataloggers
  21. Chapter 16: How to Document What You Make or Discover
  22. Chapter 17: MARS-BOT: Adding Science to Robotics
  23. Chapter 18: How to Photograph the Solar Aureole
  24. Chapter 19: Record Your World from a Picture Post
  25. Chapter 20: Digital Pinhole Photography
  26. Chapter 21: How to Make and Use Retroreflectors
  27. Chapter 22: How to Use LEDs to Detect Light
  28. Chapter 23: Use LEDs to Track Night-Launched Projectiles
  29. Chapter 24: Connecting Fibers to LEDs and Sensors
  30. Chapter 25: Transform Things into Sounds with the PunkPAC
  31. Chapter 26: Making Synthesized Music from Your Data
  32. Chapter 27: Startups: Origins of the PC Revolution
  33. Chapter 28: Thomas Jefferson: Maker in Chief
  34. Chapter 29: The Kit That Launched the Tech Revolution
  35. Chapter 30: When Projects Fail
  36. Index