Chapter 2. Graphics in Flash CS5

In the previous chapter, we handed you a bunch of images and essentially said, "Here, you toss them on the stage." In this chapter, you'll dig into how those objects were created, and in fact, you are going to be drawing trees, drawing the moon, creating Venetian blinds, and playing with Chinese dancers and T-shirts, among other things. You will be looking at the new Illustrator and Photoshop file importers and also playing with JPEG and GIF images. There's a lot to cover. Let's get started.

What we'll cover in this chapter:

  • Flash graphic fundamentals

  • Using the drawing tools

  • Managing and working with color

  • Working with fills, strokes, and gradients

  • Tracing bitmap images

  • Image file formats and Flash

  • Importing Illustrator ...

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