Graph on the left side shows impact of land income tax. X-axis shows “Land (billions of acres)” ranging from 0 to 500. Y-axis shows “Rent (dollars per acre per year)” ranging from 0 to 1500. Land supply curve is a vertical line, parallel to Y-axis. It is marked at 250 on X-axis. Land demand curve intersects land supply curve at (250, 1000). Another coordinate marked on land supply curve is (250, 600).

Graph on the right side shows impact of unique resource income tax. X-axis is marked with “Bradley’s services (movies per year)” ranging from 0 to 6. Y-axis denotes “Fee (millions of dollars per movie)” ranging from 0 to 30. “Demand for Bradley’s services” intersects “Supply of Bradley’s services” at (3, 20). “Supply of Bradley’s services” is a vertical ...

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