Table on the right shows three columns labeled as follows: price (dollars per can), Dave’s quantity supplied (cans per day), and market quantity supplied (cans per day). The data in the table for three points labeled as B, A, and T is as follows:

B: 12, 11, 110,000

A: 8, 10, 100,000

T: 3, 0 or 7, 0 to 70,000

The horizontal axis of the graph shows quantity in thousands of cans per day, ranging from 0 to 150 in increment of 50. The vertical axis shows price in dollars per can, ranging from 0 to 12 in increment of 4 beginning from 8. The points B, A and T are plotted on the graph, with the corresponding values taken from the first and third columns. A curve is drawn which first starts from the zero point, moves along the y axis up to y=3, then moves ...

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