Many people helped me while writing this book. First, I would like to thank students of
IPT 536 Foundations of Instructional and Performance Technology class at Boise State
University for providing me with feedback on a draft version of this book. I especially
wish to acknowledge IPT students and graduates Paula Anderson, Shelley Berg, Christina
Caswell, Jay Lambert, Joanne Letourneau, Maurreen Stebner, and Kelly Weak for
allowing me to use their class projects as examples. I also thank Ms. Marilyn Gilbert for
reviewing the manuscript and providing me with helpful feedback on the chapter
covering Thomas Gilbert’s work. Special thanks go to Shelley Berg, my graduate
assistant, who helped me revise the manuscript, and Dr. Donald Winiecki for giving me
constant support, encouragement, and suggestions, and for designing the images included
in this book.

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