About the Author
Dr. Seung Youn (Yonnie) Chyung is an associate professor of the Department of
Instructional and Performance Technology in the College of Engineering at Boise State
University. She earned a doctor of education degree in Instructional Technology from
Texas Tech University and has been teaching at Boise State University since 1996. Two
of her standard graduate-level courses are Foundations of Instructional and Performance
Technology and E-Learning Principles and Practices.
Dr. Chyung is the author of the book Training Professionals’ Web-Design Toolkit
(FrontPage, 2003). She has contributed chapters to several books, and over 30 papers
have appeared in refereed journals or refereed conference proceedings. Research papers
have been published in the American Journal of Distance Education; Journal of
Education for Business; Journal of Experimental Education; Performance Improvement
Quarterly; and Quarterly Review of Distance Education. She is also a frequent presenter
at the annual conference of the International Society for Performance Improvement and
other international conferences hosted by the Association for Educational Communica-
tions and Technology, the American Educational Research Association, and the
Association for Advancement for Computing in Education. Dr. Chyung has received
external grant funding from the National Science Foundations, the State of Idaho, and the
International Society for Performance Improvement for implementing innovative
instructional technologies and conducting research in higher education.
Dr. Chyung resides in Boise, Idaho, and can be reached at the following address:
1910 University Dr., Boise, Idaho 83725-2070, USA.

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