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D. VostokovFoundations of Linux Debugging, Disassembling, and Reversing https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-9153-5_6

6. Pointers to Memory

Dmitry Vostokov1  
Dublin, Ireland

Pointers Revisited

The pointer is a memory cell or a register that contains the address of another memory cell. Memory pointers have their own addresses because they are memory cells too. On 32-bit Linux, pointers are 32-bit, and on 64-bit Linux, pointers are 64-bit.

Addressing Types

As we have seen in Chapter 5, memory cells can be of one byte, word, doubleword, or quadword size. Therefore, we can have a pointer to a byte, a pointer to a word, a pointer to a doubleword, and a pointer ...

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