Appendix Testbenches

A–1. Adder and Subtractor Testbench

Use this testbench to verify the adder and subtractor design in Chapter 2. An example of the simulated output is shown in Figure A-1.

Figure A-1. Adder and Subtractor Simulation Outputs

(Material based on or adapted from figures and text owned by Xilinx, Inc., courtesy of Xilinx, Inc. Copyright © Xilinx 1995–2008 used in Xilinx ISE WebPack™ software version 10.1.)

Run the simulation for 200.00 nsec.

  • Library IEEE;
  • Use IEEE.std_logic_1164.All;
  • Use IEEE.std_logic_unsigned.All;
  • Entity testbench Is End testbench;
  • Architecture tb_MathematicalOperators Of testbench Is
  • Signal number_1 : std_logic_vector(3 ...

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