Note: Page numbers followed by b indicate boxes and f indicate figures.


The Adventures of Prince Achmed, 12, 91

Animated light loop

camera setup, 164–165

C-stand, 164, 164f

digital still cameras, 163

frame registration, 163

LED flashlight, 165

lightening doodle projects, 163

light painter’s image, 163–164

star burst

ending, 166, 166f

positions, 166f

shooting, 165, 166f

star guide, flashlight, 164f

Animatics, 24, 24f

Animation stand

custom, 84

Oxberry, 83, 84f

water white glass, 84–85, 85f

Annecy, 142

Attenborough, David, 10, 11f


Backlit approach, 91

Big Bang Big Boom, 9, 42f

The “Black Maria” studio, 4, 4f

Blu-Tack, 92

Borthwick, Dave, 7

Bowers, Charley, 5

The British Oxford Scientific Film Institute, 11




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