CHAPTER 17 Automation and IDEAScript

IDEASCRIPT IS A PROGRAMMING tool in IDEA that allows for combining numerous steps into a single procedure. The programming language is similar to that of Microsoft’s Visual Basic for Applications. IDEAScript files are also known as macro files. It is a file that performs a series of actions when executed. IDEAScript can record actions for editing and modification to make the macro good for general use— any user can apply the script to any suitable data files. IDEAScript is a powerful tool that speeds up repetitive procedures.

IDEAScript can be used for:

  • Automating repetitive tasks. Regular tasks, such as monthly data that needs to be analyzed, can use IDEAScript to run and repeat the required procedures automatically. IDEAScript can be efficiently used when certain procedures are required to be applied in multiple locations such as departments, divisions, and branches. Another frequent repetitive task is to import files. This can be automated to select the input files, specify the output names, perform the imports, and perform required data cleanup or scrubbing.
  • Creating an automated-analysis system. A set of tests or procedures can be integrated into an IDEAScript where the user may select particular tests to apply.
  • Controlling other software packages. Using Microsoft’s object linking and embedding (OLE) technology, other OLE-enabled software can be controlled from within IDEA. One example is that of sending IDEA data into an Excel spreadsheet. ...

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