Call yourself an author starting today.

If you've never called yourself an author before, I want you to add that title to your short list of comebacks when someone asks you what you do. The rest of this section is dedicated to convincing you why you should take this advice starting today, even if you don't have a book (yet) and even if you can't or don't want to write anything ever.

I think you'll discover, as I did, that by simply calling yourself an author great things will start to happen inside you and around you.

It may seem like I'm leaving out the fact that you don't have a book published (yet), but I address that in a moment. The benefits of actually having a book in print are well documented, and I discuss that later, but trust me, you are already an author, even if you don't have a book, and I can prove it to you in a moment.

Here's a brief history lesson that helps supports my vantage point on this subject. It's only in the past few decades that literacy has become common. History tells us that it used to be a very big deal to even have access to the required education to be able to read. Even having a book of any kind on hand was a big deal in the not-so-distant past. Literacy is now at an all time high globally in comparison. Being a reader is no longer considered an astonishing achievement, but rather a starting point. The same transition is starting to happen with the awe surrounding authors.

To be an author 150 years ...

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