Experts are always educating. Experts are always creating content. One of the most reliable tools that you can use to capture a steady stream of fantastic content is the good old telephone.

Teleseminars are one of my favorite ways to capture amazing content and to communicate with an audience, either live or with the recording of a call. A teleseminar is nothing more than a recorded telephone conversation among two or more people. As soon as the call is over you have an MP3 recording that can be edited or used as is. It can be transcribed and turned into a book if you so desire. It's instant, easy content.

Typically the teleseminar is a presentation conducted by one, or at most three or four, hosts, while a large number of audience participants can listen in and, in some cases, interact with the hosts. The only thing that distinguishes a host from a participant is control of the recording and mute features of the call.

The only thing you need is a free account with,, or any other similar service. You could host a teleseminar five minutes from now if you wanted to. They don't have to be scheduled—all you need is two or more people on the phone and then press the record button.

On many occasions I've arranged to interview or discuss interesting topics with an expert in my industry by way of a simple teleseminar call. Sometimes I'll invite a live audience to listen in as well by sharing a specific ...

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