Configuring the FTP Server

The FTP service involves a fairly large number of configuration files; some of them exist in /etc, and some are in /var/ftp/etc. The reason for this is that some of the files have to be accessible by anonymous FTP users, and, as you’ve seen, such users can’t see any files outside of /var/ftp. Here are a few of the files in /etc that apply globally to the FTP server as a whole (not all of them exist in the default installation—some must be created manually):

  • /etc/ftpusers— A “blacklist” of users who are disallowed FTP access. Add usernames to this file to prevent them from logging in via FTP.

  • /etc/ftpchroot— Any users listed in this file will be placed in a chroot “jail,” similar to that of anonymous FTP, limiting the ...

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