CHAPTER 11Free from the short term

Specialise so you can systemise. The power of savings.

‘I’ve got some news for you. Can we meet for lunch?’ Melissa asked, touching base for the first time in months.

‘Sure,’ I replied.

I wondered what surprise she’d have in store for me this time. She tended to decide on something and act on it, and I’d been filling her head with all this talk of freedom, and building up the pain of the ‘job for life path’ the past few months. Not that she needed much encouragement to get sick of working in one place for long anyway as she’d proved the last time we’d met, surprising me with news that she had flexed her new-found freedom and quit the job that had promised her much, but was going nowhere.

‘I think I’m going to quit my job,’ Melissa informed me.

‘Oh, you’re telling me in advance this time?’

‘I’ve been thinking and I don’t really want to just replace one job with another one this time. I think it might be time to be free of a boss for good!’

I guess I should have seen this coming. But with the GFC only just starting she still caught me by surprise.

‘Oh really, what are you thinking?’ I asked.

‘Things are getting pretty tense at work … I thought I could start a photography business. Every so often the office gets a flyer or some marketing from local photographers looking to pick up some work. I know I can do the photography side of the business to a good standard. I’ve had plenty of experience, and to be honest, looking at some of the marketing ...

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