Time for action – configuring FreeRADIUS

FreeRADIUS is set up by modifying configuration files. The location of these files depends on how FreeRADIUS was installed:

  • If you have installed the standard FreeRADIUS packages that are provided with the distribution, it will be under /etc/raddb on CentOS and SLES. On Ubuntu it will be under /etc/freeradius.
  • If you have built and installed FreeRADIUS from source using the distribution's package management system it will also be under /etc/raddb on CentOS and SLEs. On Ubuntu it will be under /etc/freeradius.
  • If you have compiled and installed FreeRADIUS using configure, make, make install it will be under /usr/local/etc/raddb.

The following instructions assume that the FreeRADIUS configuration directory is ...

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