Chapter 10. EAP

EAP stands for Extensible Authentication Protocol and is used by 802.1x and WPA2-Enterprise as an authentication framework. 802.1x and WPA2-Enterprise are industry standards used for end-point security. 802.1x uses EAP over the LAN and WPA2-Enterprise uses EAP over the Wi-Fi network.

A basic understanding of EAP includes knowing how the supplicant , authenticator , and backend authentication server interact. This chapter covers all of these but will focus primarily on using FreeRADIUS as the backend authentication server.

In this chapter we shall:

  • Learn the basics of EAP
  • Explore different EAP methods available in FreeRADIUS
  • Discover special considerations when using EAP in production

So let's get on with it...

EAP basics

EAP is used ...

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