Time for action – testing EAP on FreeRADIUS with JRadius Simulator

We will first prepare the FreeRADIUS environment for JRadius Simulator and then configure JRadius Simulator in order to test EAP authentication.

Preparing FreeRADIUS

The most important thing to do before FreeRADIUS can handle EAP is nothing. It is when you do nothing that EAP will work at its best. The FreeRADIUS authors made sure that the default configuration supports EAP without any tweaking.

We just need to be sure that there is a valid user in the users file and that the NAS that sends the EAP request is registered in the clients.conf file.

  1. Edit the users file located under the FreeRADIUS configuration directory and make sure there is an entry for alice:
    "alice" Cleartext-Password ...

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