XML demo IVR in Lua

The following is an educational rewrite, in Lua, of the demo XML IVR shipped in the demo configuration, the one that answers when you call 5000 from a registered phone. Write it in the /usr/local/freeswitch/scripts/test9.lua file:

 conference_call_session = NIL first_time_main_menu = false first_time_submenu = false api = freeswitch.API() is_a_demo_user_extension = "false" ----------------------------------------------------------------------- session:answer() session:execute("playback", "silence_stream://1000") if(not session:ready())then goto END end digits = session:playAndGetDigits (1,4,1,10000, '#','phrase:demo_ivr_main_menu', 'ivr/ivr-that_was_an_invalid_entry.wav', '^\\d$|^10[01][0-9]$','digits',2000) first_time_main_menu ...

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