Tower of Babel (photograph taken at the Museum of Ancient Art in Brussels; Painting by Joos de Momper)

“The definition of a problem tends to be fixed in the position defended by bureaucratic agencies and thus to resist all transformation. Cyert and March [CYE 63], organization theoreticians, wrote that organizations seek to bypass uncertainty by following routine procedures; they do not anticipate problems, but respond to the effects in return induced by their own behavior. From this fact, they tend to “go from one crisis to another” based on standardized procedures to make decisions. This method of functioning, seen in both private and public institutions, allows explanation of the fact that when a new problem shows up, it can be badly understood and be the object of inappropriate treatment”. [REI 10]

“The event undoes the time required to invent another time, from this another world, another view is inaugurated”. [DUF 11 ]

“In this society of ferrymen, we are capable of bringing about the unexpected, of fertilizing and transforming ideas into desires, then into projects, and, finally, into realizations. We can live with greater efficiency and harmony. This is a more just society, which again questions the criteria for evaluating success, where we are happier and less superficial, and a society where we manage to organize and share abundance. Doing this together ...

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