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From Analyst to Leader

Book Description

Become equipped with the principles, knowledge, practices, and tools need to assume a leadership role in an organization. From Analyst to Leader: Elevating the Role of the Business Analyst uncovers the unique challenges for the business analyst to transition from a support role to a central leader serving as change agent, visionary, and credible leader.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. About the Authors
  5. Table of Contents
  6. Preface
  7. About This Book
  8. Part I – Leadership in a Project Environment
    1. Chapter 1 - Project Leadership
      1. Twenty-First Century Leadership.
      2. Twenty-First Century Projects
      3. Management versus Leadership
      4. Combining Disciplines Leads to Success
      5. The Power of the Project Leadership Team
      6. The New Project Leader
      7. The Core Project Team
    2. Chapter 2 - The Business Analyst as Project Leader
      1. The Business Analyst as Change Agent
      2. The Business Analyst as Visionary
      3. The Business Analyst as Credible Leader
    3. Chapter 3 - The Business Analyst’s Leadership Role: throughout the Business Solution Life Cycle
      1. The Business Analyst’s Role in Strategic Planning and Enterprise Analysis
      2. The Business Analyst’s Role in Requirements and Design
      3. The Business Analyst’s Role in Construction and Testing
      4. The Business Analyst’s Role in Solution Delivery
      5. The Business Analyst’s Role in Operations and Maintenance
  9. Part II – Business Analyst as Project Leader
    1. Chapter 4 - The Business Analyst as Team Leader
      1. The Power of Teams
      2. Team Development through Stages
      3. Traversing the Team Development Stages
      4. Team Leadership Roles through Stages
      5. Best Team-Building Practices for the Business Analyst
      6. Quick Team Assessment
    2. Chapter 5 - The Business Analyst’s Role in Communications
      1. Communication Building Blocks
      2. The Sender
      3. The Receiver
      4. Active Listening
      5. Miscommunication
      6. Best Communication Practices for the Business Analyst
    3. Chapter 6 - Customer Relationship Management: Politics and Stakeholders
      1. Power and Politics
      2. Stakeholder Identification
      3. Stakeholder Categorization
      4. Best Stakeholder Management Practices for the Business Analyst
  10. Part III – Getting There
    1. Chapter 7 - Carving Out Your Leadership Role
      1. Leadership Development for the Business Analyst
      2. The Business-Savvy and Technically Savvy Business Analyst
      3. Business Analyst Leadership Opportunities
      4. Getting There
    2. Chapter 8 - Establishing a Business Analysis Center of Excellence
      1. Centers of Excellence
      2. Business Analysis Centers of Excellence (BACoE)
      3. BACoE Scope Considerations
      4. BACoE Organizational Positioning Considerations
      5. BACoE Organizational Maturity Considerations
      6. BACoE Implementation Considerations
      7. BACoE Implementation Best Practices
      8. Final Words of Wisdom
  11. Epilogue
  12. Index