Chapter 62

Accessing the Traditional Media

Working in the media makes it easy to stay visible. When I first started building my profile in the community, I didn't have this luxury. As I grew my contacts, I earned some media coverage for the organizations for which I worked and volunteered. Even before my official media roles, people could intermittently catch me on radio, on television, or in the newspaper. Then, once I became a regular columnist, the visibility grew. This profile proved to be an asset for other projects I had on the go.

A full-blown media career is not necessary for you to reap the benefits from the power of the press. Submitting interesting, relevant, and well-written columns to trade publications, local media, or industry associations for their newsletters can garner you quality profile in the community and with your target market.

News sources often have a list of experts they call for quotes when breaking news occurs. Develop relationships with your local media and make yourself easily accessible so they will think to call you. Obviously you must have substance, not just style, to keep these options alive and credible.

When media sources do call you, please be gracious and respond quickly. Many are so focused on getting out today's story that their turnaround time is pretty much immediate. I remember when I wrote my column four days a week. I'd call people and some would ask if they could have all the questions in advance and then connect with me next week ...

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