Chapter . Conclusions

This book offered 11 rules for you to follow to develop a successful franchise system. Each of these rules was explained in a different chapter of the book:

  1. Select the right industry.

  2. Understand the advantages of franchising.

  3. Pay attention to the disadvantages of franchising.

  4. Make sure you have a business concept that can be franchised.

  5. Adopt the right policies to manage the franchise system.

  6. Find the right approach to franchisee support and assistance.

  7. Develop the right strategy toward franchisee territories.

  8. Price the franchises appropriately.

  9. Develop the right strategy toward system expansion.

  10. Understand the legal and institutional environment of franchising.

  11. Recruit, select, and manage franchisees effectively.

To follow these 11 ...

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