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From IT Pro to Cloud Pro: Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online

Book Description

Modernize your IT skills for the new world of cloud computing!

Whether you are an IT administrator, developer, or architect, cloud technologies are transforming your role. This guide brings together the knowledge you need to transition smoothly to Microsoft Office 365 cloud-only and hybrid environments. Microsoft MVP Ben Curry and leading cloud architect Brian Laws present specific, up-to-date guidance on administering key cloud technologies, including Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online, Azure AD, and OneDrive for Business.

Microsoft cloud technology experts Ben Curry and Brian Laws show you how to:

  • Anticipate and respond to the ways cloud technologies change your responsibilities, such as scripting key management tasks via Windows PowerShell

  • Understand today’s new mix of essential “Cloud Pro” skills related to infrastructure, scripting, security, and networking

  • Master modern cloud administration for Office 365 cloud and hybrid environments to deliver content and services, any time, on any device, from anywhere, and across organizational boundaries

  • Administer and configure SharePoint Online, including services, site collections, and hybrid features

  • Help secure client devices via Mobile Device Management for Office 365

  • Centrally manage user profiles, groups, apps, and social features

  • Bridge Office 365 and on-premises environments to share identities and data

  • Enforce governance, security, and compliance

  • Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Dedication Page
    5. Contents
    6. Introduction
      1. Acknowledgments
      2. Free ebooks from Microsoft Press
      3. Errata, updates, & book support
      4. We want to hear from you
      5. Stay in touch
    7. Chapter 1. Getting started as an Office 365 cloud pro
      1. Becoming a cloud pro
        1. But what about the IT pro?
        2. Cloud pro diversity
        3. Cloud pro skills
        4. The Office 365 cloud pro
      2. Living in a tenant world
      3. The rapid pace of change
      4. Preparing the network
      5. Getting started with Office 365
    8. Chapter 2. PowerShell 101 for cloud pros
      1. Beyond the browser with Office 365
      2. Microsoft Windows PowerShell fundamentals
        1. Cmdlets
        2. Objects and variables
        3. The pipeline
        4. Collections
      3. Prepare your environment for Office 365 PowerShell
        1. Office 365 PowerShell Requirements
        2. Install the client components
      4. How to connect via PowerShell
        1. Connect to Office 365 (Azure Active Directory)
        2. Connect to SharePoint Online
        3. Connect to Exchange Online
        4. Connect to Skype for Business Online
        5. Connect to the Security & Compliance Center
        6. Remove sessions
        7. Connect to all Office 365 services in the same session
      5. Work with Office 365 using PowerShell
        1. Work with Office 365 and Azure Active Directory
        2. Work with SharePoint Online
        3. Work with the Security & Compliance Center
    9. Chapter 3. Working with Azure Active Directory for Office 365
      1. Azure Active Directory
        1. What is Azure Active Directory?
        2. Azure Active Directory vs. on-premises Active Directory
        3. Azure Active Directory Domain Services
        4. Custom domains
        5. Azure Active Directory service tiers
      2. Identity scenarios
        1. Cloud-only identities
        2. Synchronized identities
        3. Federated identities
      3. Identity sync with Azure Active Directory Connect
        1. Azure AD Connect overview
        2. Design choices
        3. Topologies
        4. Prepare for sync
        5. Deploying AD Connect
        6. Running a sync
      4. Configuring identity federation with Office 365
        1. A brief intro to Active Directory Federation Services
        2. Deploying AD FS for Office 365
        3. Configuring Office 365 for federation
        4. Switching back to managed identities
    10. Chapter 4. SharePoint Online administration and configuration
      1. SharePoint Online architecture
        1. SharePoint Online vs. SharePoint Server on-premises
        2. SharePoint Online architecture 101
      2. Understanding licensing, update channels, and tenant types
      3. Configuring SharePoint Online
        1. Provisioning SharePoint Online
        2. Configuring
        3. Configuration checklist
      4. Site Collection administration
        1. Site Collection user permissions
        2. Site collection administrators and site owners
        3. People and groups
        4. PowerShell for configuring SharePoint Online
        5. Administrators and owners
        6. Site collection life cycle
      5. Managed Metadata Service
      6. Search settings
        1. Immediate crawl
        2. Search schema
        3. Query suggestions
        4. Usage reports
    11. Chapter 5. Managing the client: OneDrive for Business, Office ProPlus, and Mobile Device Management for Office 365
      1. Office 365 and the client
        1. Supportability
        2. Interacting with Office 365 on the client
        3. Networking
      2. Managing OneDrive for Business
        1. What is OneDrive for Business?
        2. A tale of two clients
        3. Managing OneDrive for Business
        4. Restricting OneDrive for Business sync to safe domains
      3. Managing Office ProPlus
        1. Deploying Office ProPlus
        2. How Office ProPlus updates are released
        3. Configuring update channels for users
      4. Protecting your data through Mobile Device Management for Office 365
        1. What is mobile device management?
        2. Options for mobile device management
        3. Configuring Mobile Device Management for Office 365
    12. Chapter 6. Hybrid Office 365
      1. Hybrid Office 365 scenarios and considerations
        1. Overview of hybrid options
        2. Identity synchronization is foundational!
        3. Hybrid considerations
      2. SharePoint hybrid solutions
        1. Overview of hybrid capabilities in SharePoint
        2. The problem of query federation
        3. One-way, outbound, classic hybrid search
        4. One-way, inbound, classic hybrid search
        5. Two-way classic hybrid search
        6. Hybrid search via the Cloud SSA
        7. One-way inbound hybrid BCS
        8. Additional hybrid options
        9. Prerequisites for SharePoint hybrid
      3. Publishing on-premises applications through Azure AD
        1. Application options in Azure AD
        2. Publishing on-premises applications with the Azure AD Application Proxy
      4. Surfacing on-premises data through Power BI
        1. The on-premises data gateway
        2. Deploying the on-premises data gateway
        3. Publishing data through the on-premises data gateway
    13. Chapter 7. Social capabilities, Office 365 Groups, and apps
      1. Socializing in the cloud world
        1. Traditional social capabilities
      2. Yammer
        1. The Yammer difference
        2. Yammer capabilities
        3. Updating social feeds
        4. Yammer add-ins
      3. Office 365 Groups
        1. Mobile parity
        2. Office 365 Groups configuration and management
        3. Managing Office 365 Groups
      4. Diving into Delve
        1. Office 365 Graph
        2. Delve
      5. Office 365 Video Portal
        1. Video file formats
        2. Configuring the Office 365 Video Portal
        3. Video Portal management
      6. Know your roadmap
    14. Chapter 8. Managing governance, security, and compliance
      1. Service assurance
        1. Service compliance reports
        2. Trust documents
        3. Audited controls
      2. Permissions
      3. Alerts
        1. Working with basic alert management
        2. Manage advanced alerts
      4. Governance
        1. Planning
        2. Governance roles
        3. Change control
        4. Tenant governance
    15. Chapter 9. Migrating content to SharePoint Online
      1. Use a methodology
        1. Requirements phase
        2. Preliminary Design phase
        3. Final Design phase
        4. Test phase
        5. Go Live phase
      2. Migration scenarios and scope
        1. Start with an information architecture
        2. The easiest migration is no migration
        3. Test migrations
        4. Use a Big Bang approach or migrate gradually?
        5. Determining the right tools for the job
      3. Migrating SharePoint and My Site content
        1. What won’t migrate?
        2. What about My Sites?
        3. Migration gotchas
        4. Migrating file shares: Should I or shouldn’t I?
        5. Dealing with source material after a migration
        6. Search-first migrations
      4. Change management and communication
        1. Communication
      5. Running a migration project
    16. Index
    17. About the authors
    18. Survey
    19. Code Snippets