13.1. Exception examples

Three examples are given here as a refresher:

  • basic try-catch-finally;

  • nested try;

  • user-defined exception.

Read through these examples to familiarize yourself with the different types of exception objects thrown for each scenario. Note the comments I have made at the end of each example.

13.1.1. Exception example 1: basic try-catch-finally

Here is a basic example of exception handling in C#. Try to trace the program flow based on your knowledge of Java's exception handling.

 1: using System; 2: 3: class TestClass{ 4: public static void Main(){ 5: 6: Console.Write("Enter a number :"); 7: string userInput = Console.ReadLine(); 8: 9: try{ 10: int number1 = Convert.ToInt32(userInput); 11: int number2 = 1/number1; 12: } 13: ...

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