From Management to Leadership: Strategies for Transforming Health, 3rd Edition

Book description

From Management to Leadership identifies the fundamental interpersonal skills that every health care leader (and aspiring leader) needs to develop in order to be a successful executive or manager. The third edition of the classic text offers suggestions for developing and improving essential health care leadership skills. Written to be a practical guide, the book presents concepts and skills that can be immediately applied to everyday situations. Completely revised and updated, this edition includes new concepts and resources based on the latest research and practices.

Praise for the Third Edition of From Management to Leadership

"As leaders, we want engagement, commitment, ownership, teamwork, and results. Jo Manion illuminates the interpersonal skills that are pivotal. She provides the how in a way that's convincing, refreshing, mind-stretching, and practical." —Wendy Leebov, EdD, president, Wendy Leebov and Associates

"This third edition continues the tradition of enumerating the incisive and articulate response of leaders to the complexities of the age and of the necessary recalibration of the leader's role. I encourage contemporary leaders to see this text as a must have in their leadership library: I certainly have it in mine!" —Tim Porter-O'Grady, DM, EdD, ScD(h), APRN, FAAN, senior partner, Tim Porter-O'Grady Associates, Inc. and associate professor, College of Nursing and Health Innovation, Arizona State University

"Finally, a book that addresses the need for health care leaders and aspiring leaders to be much more than good managers. This book gives practical, concrete, and insightful strategies to becoming a great leader." —Katherine W. Vestal, RN, PhD, FACHE, FAAN, president, Work Innovations LLC

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Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Dedication
  4. Title
  5. Copyright
  6. Preface
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. The Author
  9. Chapter 1 : Leadership
    1. Defining Leadership
    2. Distinguishing Between Management and Leadership
    3. Why Leadership Is in Demand Today
    4. Challenges Facing Today’s Leaders
    5. Conclusion
  10. Chapter 2 : Cultivating the Leadership Relationship
    1. Emotional Intelligence
    2. Social Intelligence
    3. The Leadership Relationship
    4. Essential Elements of a Healthy Relationship
    5. Creating a Trust-Based Organizational Climate
    6. The Nature of the Leadership Relationship
    7. Collective Responsibility and Accountability
    8. Conclusion
  11. Chapter 3 : Building Commitment
    1. Compliance
    2. Commitment
    3. Organizational Commitment
    4. Leadership Interventions
    5. Mission
    6. Vision
    7. Common Pitfalls
    8. Conclusion
  12. Chapter 4 : Communicating with Clarity
    1. Defining Communication
    2. Common Problems
    3. Communication and Leadership
    4. Information
    5. The Leader’s Primary Responsibilities: Information and Communication
    6. Nonverbal Communication
    7. Written Communication
    8. Special Communication Issues
    9. Conclusion
  13. Chapter 5 : The Art of Effectively Facilitating Processes
    1. The Key Tenets
    2. Empowering Others
    3. Resolving Conflict
    4. Creating Teams
    5. Facilitating the Processes of Change and Transition
    6. Conclusion
  14. Chapter 6 : Getting Results
    1. Proactivity
    2. Problem Solving
    3. Decision Making
    4. Appreciative Inquiry
    5. Polarity Management
    6. Conclusion
  15. Chapter 7 : Coaching and Developing Others
    1. The Leader’s Role
    2. The Coaching Role
    3. The Coaching Process
    4. Teaching Others
    5. Conclusion
  16. Chapter 8 : Going Forward into Our Future
  17. References
  18. Index

Product information

  • Title: From Management to Leadership: Strategies for Transforming Health, 3rd Edition
  • Author(s): Jo Manion
  • Release date: May 2011
  • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
  • ISBN: 9780470886298