From Still to Motion: Editing DSLR Video with Final Cut Pro X

Book description

Final Cut Pro X offers a whole new way to edit, with an ease of use that opens the door for millions of new users. DSLR cameras are also revolutionizing the way photographers, journalists, documentary producers, and directors bring their creative vision to life. Up until now, editing DSLR video has been anything but easy–syncing sound, transcoding footage, fixing rolling shutter–but the “look” made it all worthwhile.

But shouldn’t things be easier? They can be. In this unique and targeted guide, users of all levels will learn how to edit DSLR video with Final Cut Pro X from the creative team behind the best-selling book on DSLR filmmaking–From Still to Motion: A Photographer’s Guide to Creating Video with Your DSLR. In no time you’ll learn how to transition from a real-world project to successfully editing video with this groundbreaking new version
of Final Cut Pro X.

• import, analyze, and organize your footage and media

• set up your projects correctly for any DSLR camera

• fix common problems like exposure, rolling shutter, and shaky video

• implement essential and advanced editing techniques

• work with synchronized sound and create compelling audio mixes

• correct color and exposure problems with your clips

• publish and share your productions to the web and mobile devices

• download project files and videos that accompany the book

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
    1. Meet the Cast
    2. About the Lesson Files
    3. What You Need
  7. Chapter 1. Shooting with Editing in Mind
    1. Camera Settings
    2. The Exposure Triangle
    3. Capturing Great Audio
  8. Chapter 2. Backing Up Your Data
    1. Direct to Edit or Back Up First?
    2. Backup Workflow
    3. Transferring Media
    4. Selecting an Editing Drive
    5. Transferring Media to an Edit Drive
    6. Creating Archives
  9. Chapter 3. Importing and Transcoding Your Media
    1. Configuring Import Preferences
    2. Understanding Events
    3. Import Methods
  10. Chapter 4. Organizing Your Media
    1. Examining Events
    2. Examining Clips
    3. Managing Your Event Library
    4. Rating Clips
    5. Adding Keywords to Clips
    6. Filtering Clips
    7. Deleting Footage
  11. Chapter 5. Setting Up a Project
    1. Final Cut Pro X Project Structure
    2. Starting a Project
    3. Understanding the Project Library
  12. Chapter 6. Syncing Footage
    1. Dual-System Sound Revisited
    2. Syncing Audio and Video
    3. Creating Smart Collections of Synced Footage
  13. Chapter 7. Editing Essentials
    1. Selecting Clips and Ranges
    2. Adding to and Removing Clips from the Timeline
    3. Arranging Clips in the Timeline
    4. Navigating the Timeline
  14. Chapter 8. Advanced Editing
    1. Advanced Editing Commands
    2. Trimming Your Edits
    3. Working with Markers
    4. Adding Transitions
  15. Chapter 9. Fixing and Enhancing Footage
    1. Automatic Color Correction
    2. Using Scopes
    3. Primary Color Correction
    4. Secondary Color Correction
    5. Other Corrections
    6. Mixing Formats in Your Timeline
    7. Retiming Footage
  16. Chapter 10. Working with Audio
    1. Add Music or Sound Effects
    2. Viewing Audio Clips
    3. Mixing Audio
    4. Enhancing Audio
  17. Chapter 11. Outputting and Managing Your Project
    1. Sharing Your Project
    2. Burning to Disc
    3. Exporting Your Project
    4. Managing Projects and Media
    5. Where to Now?
  18. Index

Product information

  • Title: From Still to Motion: Editing DSLR Video with Final Cut Pro X
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2011
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780132887793