Dual-Earner Couples: Good/Bad for Her and/or Him?

Rosalind Chait BarnettBrandeis UniversityWomen’s Studies Research Center

The dual-earner couple is here to stay. Indeed, it is the modal American family. All indications are that it will be the dominant family form for the foreseeable future (Coontz, 1997). This demographic fact has been a reality in the United States for the past 30 years, but it is still not widely acknowledged as such, at least by policymakers and, perhaps, by most Americans (Skolnick, 1993). Much has been written about this family form. Sadly, most of what we know, or think that we know, is based on media reports, many of which are nothing more than sensationalized anecdotes: The frenzied, high-powered, New York ...

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