Frontiers in Computer Education Wang (ed.)
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An analysis of the construction of university career guidance system
under the new employment situation
Donghe Pang, Zhixiang Tong, Hongli Zhang, Xiaohui Meng, Changbin Sun & Zihang Fu
School of Computer Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
ABSTRACT: With a higher number of students enrolling at colleges and the slowing down in global economic
growth, the original employment model has been unable to adapt to these changes. This paper begins with the
building of a career guidance system at Harbin Institute of Technology and then discusses the strengthening
construction of the career guidance team, reforming a career guidance curriculum, and building employment
information systems for the purpose of improving the reform of the graduate career guidance mode.
Keywords: career guidance, university student, Harbin Institute of Technology
With the continuous expansion scale of computer sci-
ence education, the number of university students
increased dramatically in recent years. However, the
employment rate and the job quality of graduates
whose major is in computer science are not ideal.
According to 2014 Global Employment Trends Report
by the International Labour Organization in January
2014, global economic recovery is very slow, and the
growth in the labour market is slow globally as well.
In 2013, global unemployment reached 202 million
people. In 2014, the growth of the global employ-
ment rate remains weak and unemployment continues
to rise, especially among young people and many
potential workers. The global employment situation
is not so optimistic, while the situation of student
employment is even less encouraging. There is a gap
between the requirements of companies and student’s
professional ability. In addition, there is a deviation
between the employment psychology of graduates and
the expectation of companies. Building a scientific and
reasonable career guidance system, in order to help
students understand society, have clear career goals,
make career plans, enhance their overall qualities, find
suitable jobs, and integrate into society, is particularly
The School of Computer Science at Harbin Insti-
tute of Technology (HIT) attaches great importance to
the career guidance system. Scientific, standardized,
and systematic career guidance is the objective need
for students’ growth and the cultivation of their tal-
ents. From the point of view of the university, this is
to train professionals to adapt to social needs, eventu-
ally achieving the education policies of the Party, and
the target requirements for talent cultivation. From the
point of view of society, it is the requirement of science
and education strategies and the need for enhancing
society and the economy.
We should establish the concept of comprehensive
personal development through a career awareness pro-
gramme, career planning, and a career exploration
process, which will influence students throughout
their life.
The career guidance system at the computer college
of Harbin Institute of Technology, whose career guid-
ance personnel is made up of career guidance teachers,
instructors, class advisers, and professional teach-
ers, who all together cooperatively integrate aspects
of work such as recruitment, teaching, management,
career guidance, and so on. In addition, they integrate
ideological education into a career guidance system,
reaching the aim of a comprehensive education. Dif-
ferent types of career guidance play different roles
from different perspectives, to guarantee the consistent
focus and concern of the leadership on a college stu-
dent’s career guidance, as well as active coordination
and participation of related functional departments and
teachers. In this system, since entering school, every
aspect and every stage of career planning of students
have corresponding instructors to provide a service
to help and guide to them, and when recruiting com-
panies select graduates, they can gain authorized and
reliable information provided by career personnel from
different departments of school.

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